3 Storefront Sign Pitfalls To Avoid

Few moments in an entrepreneur's life pack the sheer thrill of seeing that very first storefront sign go up. Now you're really ready for business -- or are you? Innocent errors in design or placement can turn even the most impressive-looking storefront signs into wasted investments. Here are three pitfalls to watch out for. 1. Colors That Send the Wrong Signals You may have already established your official company colors in your logo, but you still have some control over which colors and color combinations you choose for the foreground, background, and details of your storefront sign. [Read More]

3 Incredible Ways To Lower Your Home's Energy Bill In The Winter

Homeowners, such as yourself, often look for ways to cut back on energy costs in the winter time. If your heating bill has you cringing upon arrival every month, these incredible tips can help you save money without sacrificing your comfort. Become a Weather Stripping Expert The average home loses around a third of its heat around windows and doors. If you often feel a draft around your home's windows and doors, your best bet is to invest in weather stripping. [Read More]