Tech Meets Clean: What The Future Of Maid Services Could Look Like

Many people think of cleaning as a basic, manual task. However, technology is constantly changing how individuals approach cleaning tasks and what services cleaning agencies are able to offer. Below you will find five ways technology may affect the cleaning industry in the near future.  Quick Online Service Selection  As the development of small business websites becomes easier and more affordable, it becomes more likely that your favorite cleaning service will not only have a static website, but also an application for your smartphone that will let you order various services. [Read More]

DIY, Eco-Friendly Tips For Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the reason for periodic maintenance, cleaning, and repairs on your house. From protecting your home's appeal to ensuring it remains valuable over the years, maintaining its interior and exterior is essential. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on your protecting your home's vinyl fence. While most vinyl fence manufacturers offer a warranty of 20 or more years, cleaning is still necessary to protect its beauty, function, and structure. [Read More]

3 Quick Tips To Keep Your Funeral Costs To A Minimum

The thought of dying worries nearly everyone. This fear can quickly be exacerbated when you factor in the cost of funerals nowadays – it is estimated that the average funeral costs between $8000 and $10000 dollars. Nobody wants to leave their family behind with a mountain of debt, so it's understandable that you'd want to keep funeral costs at a minimum in order to give your family more of their inheritance. [Read More]

Installing Trees With a Rented Skid Steer: A Guide for More Successful Planting

Installing large trees in your yard is almost impossible to do without some sort of heavy machinery. The root balls of trees can weigh hundreds of pounds, and straightening trees without the help of mechanical strength can be very difficult. So, if you are planting some substantial trees, you probably should rent a skid steer to help with the process. However, all skid steers come with a learning curve, and installing trees with these machines can be tricky. [Read More]