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How To Find The Best Elementary School For Your Child Before Relocating

Moving home is a difficult process on its own; however, it is even more difficult when you have a young child to worry about. Many parents rush into buying a home without first considering where their children will attend school, so before you make the relocation process even more difficult on yourself, it's best to spend some time finding the right place. If you have an idea about which city or state you live in, but are flexible on specific neighborhoods, the three tips below will help you narrow your school search down:

Contact Other Families

When looking for a great school in a new area, it can sometimes be difficult to cipher through all of the information that is available to you. Each individual school will want to show itself to be the best, and when you're looking for an elementary school, there are really no metrics to compare against. Therefore, your best source of information will come from reaching out to other families in the area and asking them for their opinion directly.

Now, of course, this process will be much easier if you are moving to an area where you have at least a couple of contacts. However, if you're moving blind, don't panic! The Internet is awash with local community forums where parents discuss family matters and recommend the best schools for their children. Not only will this help you in your school search, but it will allow you to meet people from your new community before moving there.

Consider Your Catchment Area

If you're moving your child across the state, or to an entirely new state altogether, you should research your new neighborhood's catchment areas before you agree to buying your new property. Of course, this won't apply if you intend to send your child to private school. However, if your young one will be attending public school, then it's extremely important not to look over this aspect.

The easiest way to find out about your neighborhood's catchment areas is to speak to your realtor. They will have a wealth of experience in relocating families, and, as such, will know where the catchment borders are drawn. They will also be able to recommend specific catchment areas based on the quality of the local schools, so you'll have a wealth of information at your fingertips before you sign on the dotted line.

Find the Best Fit

Finding the "right" school for your child is a difficult task, as it's more about having a strong feeling about the environment rather than simply comparing tangibles. The process of finding the right fit for your child is made infinitely more difficult if you don't live in the surrounding area, so you'll have to be smart about how you approach this. The following tips should help you along this process:

  • Unless you are moving a great distance, make every effort to visit potential schools in person.
  • Talk to the school principal on the phone numerous times in order to gauge the environment of their school's classrooms and the overall ethos of the establishment.
  • Ask the right questions. Of course, you'll likely want to tailor your approach to each school; however, there are certain things that you should consider across the board.

While your primary concern will undoubtedly be choosing the best school to develop your child's potential, you should also consider how the school fits with your own needs and interests. If you like to play an active role in your child's school, find out if there is a vibrant community of parent volunteers. If you want to raise your child in a religious home, make sure your chosen school has a strong pastoral foundation. Whatever they may be, make sure you close out all school-related sticking points before agreeing to buy your home to avoid dilemmas down the line. 

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