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The Value Of Plumbing Inspections

Most homeowners will contact a plumbing service when a leak, clog, or another maintenance issue arises. Many people need to think about preventive maintenance regarding their home plumbing system. However, having the plumbing inspected by a professional could be a good idea as problems could soon arise, and an inspection may catch troubles early. Sometimes, a problem could be present, but the homeowner doesn't recognize it. A plumbing inspection could uncover issues that require immediate attention and allow the homeowner to order a fix.

Older Plumbing Systems 

When someone moves into an older home or has lived in a home for many years, the plumbing system might not be a priority compared to the roof or parts of the house — still, the drains, fixtures, and pressurized pipe age with the property. As plumbing ages, it could degrade. At some point, leaks may spring and other issues might arise. Homeowners may benefit from getting a professional assessment of an old plumbing system that never underwent an inspection previously.

Timing the Plumbing Inspection

There might need to be more than a one-time plumbing inspection. Having a professional visit the home to perform a thorough inspection every two years is commonly recommended, although some might opt for once every five years. Asking the plumber service for a recommended timeframe for when to have an inspection performed could be advisable. The current condition and age of the plumbing system may contribute to recommendations for more frequent inspections than once every two years. 

Examining Corrosion

A thorough plumbing inspection allows a professional to look at the system and point things out to an untrained property owner. For example, there could be minor corrosion in the pipes, but a plumber might suggest replacing the rusted pipe without delays. Corrosion could lead to leaks when the pipes degrade, and the degradation might be more advanced than a homeowner realizes. 

Other Issues

A homeowner might never touch the pressurized valves because they may never need to shut off the line. However, corrosion in the valves could make them brittle and snap when turned. An inspection might uncover such problems. Similarly, the plumber could check the curb stop outside, the sewer lines, or the plumbing in a crawlspace under the house. A homeowner might think about only a few things a professional would check.

Requesting a professional inspection of the plumbing system may allow a homeowner to fix or replace things before the problem becomes too costly. The assessment could make homeowners less worried about surprise maintenance issues.

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