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Useful Precautions For Those Shining Up Military Rank Pins

Military rank pins are coveted because of what they signify for members of the military who earn them. If you're currently in the military and want to keep your pins shining bright for years, here are some precautions to be aware of.

Use a Cotton Ball For Light Cleaning

You're not always going to need to go through extravagant measures to touch up your military rank pins. They may have some slight dust and debris for instance. In that case, all you may need to give these pins a good shine is a cotton ball.

Its absorbent nature will help remove dirt and other substances that have collected on your pins over time. Cotton balls are also very soft so no matter how many times you use them to clean your military rank pins, they're not going to cause damage like scratches. 

Use a Polishing Agent With the Right Strength Levels

If you plan on performing some more extensive cleaning to give your military rank pins some added luster, then you'll want to use polishing agents. There are a bunch of them available on the marketplace. Just make sure you find agents that have the right strength levels.

Then you won't potentially expose your military rank pins to damaging conditions. Rather, your polishing will leave behind clean surfaces that shine great going forward. See what your military rank pins are made of, and then try to find a polishing agent that's compatible and has a strong enough formula to work well.

Polish by Hand For More Control 

Even though there are machines that you can use to polish military rank pins, it's probably best to just perform this polishing by hand. This won't take you that long to do since these pins aren't that large but most importantly, you'll have complete control over the actions you perform.

Whereas if you tried using an automated machine, polishing is left up to the machine's properties that might not always be dialed in. You can go at a gradual pace when polishing your military rank pins by hand though, ensuring every part is treated with the approved polishing agents.

One of the best things you can do when taking care of military rank pins over the years is clean/polish them. Then they'll continue having a shine that makes them look brand new. You just want to make sure you use the right products and techniques each time you perform this type of maintenance.  

For more information about army rank metal pins, contact a local company.