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Home Inspection Services: 3 Mistakes Property Buyers And Sellers Should Avoid

Home inspections are a crucial step in every property transaction. A home inspection service provides a comprehensive report on the condition of a home before appraising, buying, or selling it. Thus, buyers and sellers should schedule a home inspection service before initiating any property transactions. 

However, buyers and sellers often make several home inspection mistakes that cost them dearly. Here are three common home inspection mistakes that you should avoid. 

1. Scheduling a Home Inspection Service After an Appraisal

Contrary to popular belief, a home inspection and a property appraisal are not similar. A property appraisal aims to determine the current market value of a home. Whereas a home inspection service establishes the condition of the property and its amenities. A home inspection service improves the chances of getting a high valuation on your property. Thus, scheduling a home inspection service after appraising a home is detrimental to the valuation of your property. 

So, if you are selling a home, you should schedule a home inspection service before an appraisal. By doing so, you are in a position to prep (improve the condition of your home) before a property valuation. Thus, conducting a home inspection before an appraisal service improves the chances of getting a higher valuation. 

2. Failing to Schedule an Independent Home Inspection Service

Most buyers usually ask the seller to provide a home inspection report when buying a home. But, using the seller's home inspection report can often be a mistake because it is hard to determine if the report is up to date. Besides, sometimes sellers claim they have fixed the issues highlighted in the home inspection report. But in reality, they have not. Therefore, relying on a seller's home inspection report can dupe you into buying a home that is in a poor state.

To avoid such a scenario, you should schedule an independent home inspection service. An independent home inspection ensures you get an up-to-date and independent assessment of the home before buying it. 

3. Failing to Attend a Home Inspection Service 

Most people don't see the point of attending a home inspection service because they can read the report later. But, reading a home inspection report doesn't compare to being on the ground during the inspection. If you are present during a home inspection service, the inspector can walk you through the entire inspection process and explain the different issues affecting the home. Furthermore, a home inspector can also provide an estimated repair cost to improve the home's condition. 

If you are a buyer, attending the home inspection service provides a better understanding of the home's condition and the repairs it needs. Also, being able to point out the issues of the home to the seller puts you in a position to negotiate a lower price for the home.