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Working With A Funeral Home To Plan A Veteran Funeral Service

Planning a funeral can be challenging no matter who it is for, but when you have a loved one that has passed who served in the military, a veteran funeral can add some things to the process. Working with a funeral home to plan the service is often a good way to ensure that nothing is missed and that the veteran gets the honors they earned with their sacrifice.

Funeral Planning

When a loved one passes, it can be difficult for the family, and planning the funeral services often makes things harder. A local funeral home can work with the family to put together the needed services and plan the details to make things easier for everyone involved. 

Most funeral homes are very familiar with the details included in a veteran funeral. They can help ensure those things are included in the services to whatever extent the family wishes. If full honors are requested, the funeral director can reach out to the military branch that the veteran served in and request a military detail for the funeral. 

Some details need confirmation, like the deceased name, when they served, and what branch they served in. Often the family will need to provide these details to ensure accuracy.

Once all the information is verified, the detail can be assigned, and the honors due to the veteran will be given at the service. Often that means a twenty-one gun salute, taps played at the service, and may even include a flag awarded to the family, depending on the nature of the veteran's death.

Burial Planning

When planning the burial service for a veteran funeral, you may want to include a unique grave marker that lists their service on the stone. Often a custom marker will not be ready in time for the funeral, but the funeral home will contact you when it is so that you can come to the cemetery when the marker is installed. 

In most situations, a basic marker is put in place to ensure the grave is marked, then removed and replaced with the custom one several weeks later. The custom markers can be very ornate if you want them to be, but the funeral home staff can help you select one from many different styles, sizes, and material options. 

After the funeral service at the funeral home or a church, the funeral home staff will transport the deceased to the cemetery and set up the area for the graveside service for you. All you have to do is arrive at the cemetery, and the family is often taken there by the funeral home. 

Planning this part of the service often includes military honors, and a veteran funeral can be more complicated than a civilian one. Still, an experienced funeral home will be able to handle the details, so you don't have to try and do it all yourself.  

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