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3 Things Your Company's New Janitorial Service Provider Should Offer

Whether you are hiring a janitorial cleaning provider for the first time or you are replacing an old provider, there are several things that your new provider should be able to offer. Knowing what to look for before choosing a service provider will help ensure that you make a hiring decision that will meet your needs and expectations as time goes on. Here are three things that the janitorial service provider your company decides to work with should offer:

Flexible Scheduling Options

Even if you know when you want your janitorial crew to show up for cleaning at your business now, things could change in the future. Your company's business hours might change, and in turn, you may need to adjust the scheduling of your janitorial team. You may host a company party or event and need your janitorial team to come in on a Sunday, when they normally would not be needed, to clean up. If your janitorial service provider does not offer flexible scheduling, you may not always be able to make cleaning decisions for your business that are based on the company's best interests.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Traditional commercial cleaning products are typically filled with toxins that could affect your employees' allergy symptoms and other underlying health concerns. But nowadays, there are lots of commercial green cleaning products on the market that work just as well as the traditional stuff but do not contain harmful ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and ammonium compounds. To keep your employees healthy and to reduce the risk of irritants making employees call in sick, it is a good idea to make sure that the janitorial company you hire utilizes cleaning solutions or at least offers the option of incorporating them — even if at an extra cost.

Deep Cleaning Services

The janitorial company you decide to hire may be great at keeping your building clean overall, but what if you want to schedule a deep cleaning once a year or after an incident happens that creates a hazard? Do they have the equipment and manpower necessary to handle a deep cleaning? Do they have the time to schedule a deep cleaning when it is convenient for your business? If not, you may end up having to hire a third-party to do the deep cleaning, which could be inconvenient and costly.

Keep these offerings in mind when comparing janitorial service providers to one another and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. The more you know about the service provider before you start working with them, the less chance you will have of becoming disappointed with their services in the future.