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Learn About Toilet Drops

When you run a business you want to keep the business looking clean and professional. You even want the bathrooms to look and smell clean. There is something that people don't like to talk about and that is how to deal with the bad odors that can happen in bathrooms when someone uses them to have a bowel movement. If a customer goes into the bathroom right after someone else has used it, then the smell can be very off-putting. This is why you may want to make sure that your bathrooms are stocked with toilet drops. You can learn more about toilet drops by reading this article: 

What toilet drops are

Toilet drops come in a small container. Before someone goes to the bathroom, they will just drop a single drop into the toilet water from the small container. The drops will disperse to create a film on the water. The film will trap in the odors. Then, when they flush, the odors of their bowel movement will simply go down the drain with everything else, leaving the bathroom smelling nice and fresh. 

Extra benefits of using toilet drops

Along with creating the film on top of the water that traps the odors, the toilet drops can also come in a variety of scents. This means that while they are masking the bad odors, they are also leaving behind good ones, helping to give the bathroom an even better smell. Another thing that you will be glad to know about toilet drops is that they are made from ingredients that are environmentally friendly, so you won't have to worry about them harming the environment when they are flushed down your toilets. 

How to get people to use the toilet drops

In most cases, you will find that people don't like the idea of leaving their horrible odors behind when they use a bathroom. So, if you give them access to drops that can prevent those odors, they will likely use them. However, you may need to give them a bit of education the first time they use your bathroom so they understand that the drops will help. You can do this by putting up a sign near a shelf where you keep the drops. All the sign needs to read is something like, "Use two drops before using the toilet to leave behind a fresh scent."

Talk to a supplier to learn more about toilet drops.