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Why Use Self-Inking Business Stamps?

Office stamps can save you a lot of time and effort. They help you streamline processes and make them more efficient and consistent.

If you're considering adding some stamps to your office supplies, then you need to choose between products that come with an ink pad and self-inking alternatives. While both options do a good job, you may find that self-inking stamps have more advantages.

How do these stamps work and why should you consider using them?

What Are Self-Inking Stamps?

Regular office stamps come in two parts. You have the stamp itself that holds the text, information, or message you want to print. You also have a separate ink pad.

To use the stamp, you press it on to the ink tray to cover it in ink. You then stamp down on the document. When you remove the stamp, the message is inked on the page.

Self-inking stamps work in a similar way. However, they don't have a separate ink pad or tray. This is built into the stamp itself.

These products work on a push-down system. As you push the stamp's handle down, it inks itself. When it hits the paper, it leaves the message automatically.

Why Use Self-Inking Stamps?

Using a regular stamp has its downsides. You have to ensure that you get even ink coverage on the text or image. If you put on too much ink, the message blurs and looks messy. If you use too little, the message won't be readable. You also have to make sure that you put enough pressure on the stamp to create a clear message.

You'll also find that you can end up with ink on your fingers and hands if you use a pad or tray. You're more likely to touch the ink which could then transfer to documents and your clothes. This can get messy.

Plus, if you leave an ink pad open, then the ink starts to dry out. You may need to replace the ink more often than you actually need to if it becomes unusable.

If you use self-inking stamps, then you avoid these problems. The stamp controls ink coverage for you; it applies just the right amount of pressure.

The fact that the ink sits in the stamp itself also reduces mess and ink transfer. The ink won't dry out. All you need to do is replace the ink when it runs out.

For professional results, look for good-quality stamps from specialist manufacturers. Your office supplier can show you some options, including PSA Essentials stamps, that could work for you.