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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Headstone

If you are pre-planning your funeral or are planning the services for a loved one, one of the issues you will need to address in the planning process is the headstone. However, if you have never had to choose a headstone before, you may be wondering how to go about the process. There are numerous factors to consider when you are choosing a headstone for yourself or for your loved one. Get to know some of these factors. Then, you can be sure you are choosing the best possible headstone for you and/or your loved one.


Headstones can cost a pretty penny. There are many different sizes, stone types, and more to choose from. Before you go out and pick out the ideal headstone for you or for your loved one, set a strict budget for your purchase. 

This will help narrow down your choices, making the decision process easier. It will also help to ensure that you do not break the bank in the headstone selection process. It will also help to make the selection process easier as you will have a limitation to work within. 

Rules of the Cemetery

When choosing a headstone for yourself or your loved one, you will want to check with the cemetery where the burial plot is located regarding any rules or regulations they might have. Some cemeteries only allow "flat" headstones for example that are only four or five inches tall. Others have different height or style requirements so that the cemetery has a more uniform appearance. 

It is important to know these rules before you go out headstone shopping as you do not want to get one that violates the rules only to have to repurchase your headstone. Call the cemetery and jot down their rules before you shop. Then, take a measuring tape with you when you go to buy a headstone to ensure it follows the rules set out before you. 


Once you have the headstone itself picked out, you will also have to decide on the engravings. Custom engraved headstones are a great way to pay homage to your loved one (or yourself) in a thoughtful and loving way. 

Oftentimes, people choose to put a famous quote or Bible verse on the headstone as a comforting reminder to the people who visit the cemetery. Be careful that you do not select too long of a quote, though as you want the headstone to be readable and free of clutter. Once you have your custom engravings picked out, a custom engraved headstone services provider will help you select the right font and style for the writing on the headstone and get it engraved for you as soon as possible.

You can even have your own headstone pre-engraved and just leave the date of death blank to be engraved and filled in at a later date. 

Now that you know the factors to consider when choosing a headstone, you can get the process started right away. Talk to a headstone service like Memorial  Art Monument for more details.