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Is Your Horse A Candidate For Movie Or Stunt Training?

The title of a stunt or movie horse is not one that is earned easily. It is also not a title that every horse can receive. Instead, there are some horses who are more training-friendly than others. While there are many variables that go into selecting a horse for stunt or movie training, there are some important elements every owner should look at.

Owner Patience

When it comes to patience, it's all about the owner. Training a horse for stunts and movies is an extensive process that might not always yield profound results right away. Instead, some time might go by before you are able to detect changes in the animal's abilities. 

Even though you might not directly take the lead in the training process, you will need to exercise patience in order to see your animal all the way through to the end, as the trainer will want to incorporate you into the exercises. If you aren't all in, it's likely that your horse will take on a similar attitude. 

Following Skills

Pay attention to how well your animal is able to follow. Horses that can be trained typically have higher confidence than other animals, but they must also possess the ability to follow. For instance, when it's clear that you are trying to catch the horse, does the animal keep going in the opposite direction or does the animal listen, stop, and allow you to lead them? 

A horse that regularly falters to authority is typically a good sign. It's also a good idea to pay attention to the horse's willingness to take direction when riding.

Trusting Relationship

More than anything, the animal has to be able to trust. Without trust, it will be a challenge to train the animal to perform any stunts. A clear sign of trust is a high level of responsiveness. When a horse trusts their owner, they will follow the person, willingly, whether it be into difficult terrain or water.

If the animal is often hesitant, it does not automatically mean they aren't trusting, but it could mean that you need to work on building your relationship with the animal before you decide to move forward with any intense training regimen.  

If you have questions about the potential of your horse, it's always a good idea to speak with a movie horse trainer. Using their experience and skill, a trainer can help you determine just how much potential the animal has.