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A Checklist For Starting A Concession Truck

A concession truck is an excellent option for anybody who wants to make some money selling snacks, meals, and drinks around town. With a concession truck, you can station yourself at little league games, festivals, fairs, and other special events to sell food and drinks. If you want to get started with your own concession truck, this checklist will help you see what you need to do to be successful.


Every concession truck requires you to have a work surface. A prep table allows you to prepare sandwiches, chop vegetables, and rolling out any baked goods. If you are cooking fresh food in your truck, a prep table is all the more important. You want to choose a prep table you can easily access from the grill or range, depending on what you are making.


You are working with such a small area in a concession truck, and so it is important you have plenty of shelving options, at your disposal. Wire racks are a great option, because they are not cumbersome and can hold a decently sized load. Shelves hold ingredients, completed food items, and even cutlery.

Dishwashing Materials & Sink

If you are working with food, you absolutely must have a sink. You must be able to wash your hands regularly, even if you have gloves on hand. Plus, you must be able to wash the dishes you use for cooking. Not only do you need to outfit your truck with a sink, but you also need the materials necessary for cleaning up, including soap and sponges. You should also consider splash guards, as they can protect other items in the truck.


You probably already know you need a refrigerator in your truck, but you might not have known that you have several refrigeration options available. You can do more than choose between one and two doors. You can also decide if you want to have a reach-in refrigerator or one that goes underneath your counters. The same applies to different types of freezers. You need to look at the layout of your truck and consider what will be most efficient, before you decide on a cooling option.

Your concession truck is about more than making money. It's about providing delicious food to people who are enjoying time outside with loved ones. You can be a part of helping people make those memories with their loved ones.

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