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Improve Your Production And Bottom Line With Electrostatic Painting

Does your business produce plastic or metal products? Is adding color to these products after the plastic or metal is formed part of the job? If so, your company could stand to benefit from a switch to electrostatic painting. Electrostatic painting uses a magnetic field to add paint to materials just like what you produce. Here's why this is a superior method of painting that you should add to your production plan.

You Won't Waste a Single Drop

Electrostatic painting adds a negative charge to the paint which will pull it directly onto the plastic or metal upon release from your paint gun or sprayer. With the right tools, you'll be able to paint with a level of precision you've never achieved before. If your current paint guns or sprayers often leave a mess behind that needs to be cleaned up because too much paint came flying out, electrostatic painting will change your entire perspective. Because the paint is pulled directly onto the plastic or metal thanks to the magnetic field, you won't be wasting a single drop. This could reduce your paint costs over time, boosting your bottom line.

You Can Work Faster

While electrostatic painting uses less paint than traditional methods, you'll still be able to finish your projects at a faster rate than you do right now. Because you know the magnetic field will pull the paint exactly where you want it to go. The paint will transfer at a quicker pace than your current production method allows, and the paint will also dry quicker once it is on the plastic or metal. All of this means that you'll end up with completely finished projects at a faster rate, boosting total production and your company's financials.

It's a Great Choice for the Environment

If your company is trying to be more conscious of its environmental footprint, electrostatic painting is the way to go. This type of painting has a positive environmental impact because it reduces overspray, which in turn will reduce the amount of pollution or emissions you are sending into the air. We mentioned earlier that electrostatic painting uses less paint, and that means there will be less paint to dispose of at the end of the project. Reducing the amount of hazardous materials you are sending out into the world is another way your company can brag that it is going green.

Reach out to an electrostatic painting service or sites like WESPRAYIT.COM today for more information.