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Benefits Of Installing A Stormwater System On Your Business's Property

If you have a business in an area in which it rains a lot and is prone to flooding, you may have had to deal with flood and water damage to your commercial building, as well as the infrastructure of the property, including walkways and lots. If so, consider the following benefits of installing a stormwater system on your business's property.

Reduces the Risk of Flooded Structures

One of the main benefits of having a stormwater system on your business's property is that it reduces the risk of flooding. This reduced flooding risk decreases the amount of water damage you will sustain after severe storms with heavy downpours or even several days of steady rain.

When the system is installed, pipes are placed under the ground that collect the water in low-lying areas around the property. These are then directed to gullies and trenches, where the water collects. These then have larger pipes that help transfer the water out to a local creek, river, or other bodies of water.

Decreases Ice Development on Walkways and Lots

Another benefit of directing rainwater away from your business can be found in the winter. If water collects in low-lying areas on your walkways and parking lots, the frigid temperatures can then turn the water into ice.

These icy patches then create a liability for you and your business. If someone were to slip and fall, injuring themselves, they could sue you for not properly maintaining the ground to ensure that the area is safe. 

While the system may not remove all ice, it can help remove deep puddles that can freeze over. Because they are deeper than surface ice, these slick areas last longer, increasing the risk of someone falling even several days after the cold snap.

Helps Reduce the Spread of Contaminants

When rainwater is allowed to collect, flood, then run off of your grounds, it can easily spread contaminants. Even if your business does not directly work with chemicals, any pesticides, fertilizers, and other lawn treatments can travel in the run-off and potentially contaminate other bodies of water, as well as surrounding properties.

If you have a stormwater system installed, the spread of these contaminants are greatly reduced. While it may not completely stop the run-off, large concentrations are directed away from the area via underground pipes and decreasing their impact.

After considering the benefits of having a stormwater system installed on your commercial property, you may be interested in learning more about the installation process. If so, contact a business that offers stormwater system installations for more information and to discuss your options.