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Two Ways To Spread The Name Of Your Skate Shop

If you are running a local skate shop and you're looking for ways to get your store's name out there, then you need to think about a very particular form of marketing. Your audience, skaters, are a very niche audience, and therefore you don't need to spend huge bucks on TV ad buys. And the fact that your audience is so niche and has such a particular style sense is actually a good thing. There are two types of marketing that you should consider: t-shirts and custom vinyl stickers. These are both really great choices because skaters love to put stickers on their boards (and elsewhere), and they love free t-shirts that have logos pertaining to skate culture. Here's two ideas about how to get started.

T-Shirts With Custom Logo Artwork

You should get a graphic artist to work up a cool logo for your store (this can also be used on the custom vinyl stickers that you will use) and have these silk screened onto t-shirts. Don't just get a whole bunch of ringers. You should get tank tops (both guys and gals styles) and crew necks. And get them in a variety of colors. Then you're going to have to get the t-shirts out there. While you could sell them, it's a better idea to hook up with a skate contest, local indie or punk concert, or some other venue where your audience will be at and have the t-shirts handed out as freebies.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

While t-shirts are a great idea because people will wear them, so you will get free advertising, they are not that cheap. So, you won't be able to produce a ton of them. This is why custom vinyl stickers are so cool. You can get your logo printed up and run off hundreds of these stickers, get them cut, and then hand them out at your store or at the other events. These stickers will end up on lots of skateboards, ramps at the parks, and other places. And slowly, but surely, your place will become part of the local skate culture.

The important point to remember is that you want to choose vinyl stickers, not the paper style. This is because they will stand up to the weather much better than paper stickers. The vinyl stickers won't fade or rip off like your run-of-the-mill paper stickers are wont to do.