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New to Food Shipping? Tips for Packing with Dry Ice

If you're starting a new direct-mail food-delivery business, the packing materials you use for shipping are important. If you are shipping perishables, you'll want to invest in dry ice so that you can keep things cold. Since dry ice doesn't melt to liquid, it won't saturate the contents of the package like traditional ice will. Here's a look at what you need to know about packaging foods with dry ice for shipping.

Select a Proper Container

You need packaging materials that are designed specifically for shipping with dry ice. Containers made for this be constructed with an inner foam layer to insulate the contents. The outside is usually crafted from a heavy material like thick cardboard or plastic. There will also be vents built in so that the carton can vent gas as the dry ice starts to transition back to its gas form. Most containers that are specially designed to ship with dry ice also include the labels that you have to put on to identify the contents.

Selecting Dry Ice

When you order your dry ice, have it delivered as close to the shipping date as you can. This ensures that you have the longest possible lifespan for the ice in shipping. You'll want several pounds of dry ice for every day that you can expect the package to be in transit. Most dry-ice suppliers can provide you with a chart that helps you narrow down the amount that you'll need based on what you're shipping.

Packaging Your Shipment

Having the right packing materials is the first thing to start with, but properly packing the supplies is equally important. Start with a layer of dry ice on the bottom of your packing carton. Then, wrap the food carefully and place it atop that layer of dry ice. Add another layer on top of the food and then pack around it as best you can with insulating material. Add labels to the outside of the box indicating the dry-ice contents before you ship. You can get labels from your packaging supplier if you don't have them already.

You can ship with dry ice through most mainstream shipping companies, but only when it's packaged properly. With the tips here, you can be better prepared to ship your foods as you start this new business. Talk with a local packaging supplier today or visit sites like to see what kinds of packing materials are available to you.