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How To Get And Keep Laundromat Customers

Running a laundromat is a great business model if you are looking for a passive source of income. While this business model does not require as much time as other business models, you will still need to spend time promoting your laundromat so that you can bring in enough customers to make it profitable.

Give Your Laundromat A Unique Look

You will need to give your customers a reason to come to your laundromat over another. Without unique features and a unique look, most laundromats are very similar, and customers will simply select one based on the location and pricing. Make your laundromat a place that your customers would actually want to visit rather than simply a place they are forced to.

Do Not Neglect The Restroom

The restroom should never be neglected. The cleanliness of the restroom is an indication that the laundromat is professional and takes care of other aspects of the laundromat.

Keep Your Machines Running

Make sure that your machinery is always running properly. Not only will defective machines lead to downtime, but you will also look less professional when several of your machines are out of service for an extended period. A customer should never see that a washing machine is broken, leave, come back in a week and see that the machine is still not in operation. Also, all of the features of the laundry machine should always work. For example, it should not only work on hot. If you're in need of more laundry equipment, contact a company like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. 

Get Them In The Door

The key to attracting customers is to get them in the door in the first place and make your laundromat a habit. Lower laundromat prices will bring customers in, but to avoid hurting your bottom line, have a special program such as a university discount or a happy hour.

Keep Them Loyal

Laundromats are well-suited for loyalty programs and punch cards. Each time a customer uses a washing machine, he or she receives a punch. Then, after a certain number of punches, your customer receives a free wash. This can effectively drawn in customers looking for any way to stretch their dollars.

Show your most loyal customers that you appreciate them by sending preferred customer mailing. This should include coupons and anything else that your best customers would appreciate, so they would like to continue patronizing you. Be sure to also send them a survey asking about their likes and dislikes. These small efforts will help you build a loyal base of customers.