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Need A Little More Office Space? You Might Find Some In A Storage Unit!

Running a business from a storage unit seems like a crazy idea, but more and more small business owners are turning to this option in order to bridge the gap between working from home and renting a full-fledged office space. If your business is still growing and you can't contain it in your garage or home office anymore, it might be time to consider upsizing in a way that's still affordable enough for you to handle at this stage in your career.

Keep Profits High With Low Overhead

When your small business is just starting out, renting a building of your own can be a huge financial hurdle. Spaces can sometimes cost more than apartments, and you may still have to pay for utilities on top of the rent. Leases for rented offices are usually a minimum of several months long at a stretch, meaning you'll be on the hook for extra rental periods if you need to move offices for any reason, and leaving early could get you hit with extra fees.

In contrast, storage units are incredibly inexpensive to rent, even though many come with electricity and climate control options as a part of the package. Rental terms are divided into much smaller segments as well, making it easy to move office at a moment's notice without racking up extra fees. Best of all, running your office out of a storage unit gives you the ability to quickly increase the size of your business as needed: whenever you want to grow your space, you can simply rent out more or bigger units.

Have Privacy And Security At All Hours

24 hour access storage units are becoming the norm, and that's good news for night owls who like to get their work done in late evening or during the wee hours of morning. You're also assured plenty of privacy while you work, which isn't always easy to get at a home office. On the flip side, moving your job to a storage unit also means you won't disturb anyone in your family if your vocation is a noisy one, like practicing music or woodworking.

Most storage companies will provide you with a padlock when you first sign up, but more robust security measures are available as well, like reinforced doors or passcode-protected locks. Whether you have to leave your work for a few hours or a few days, you can be sure that everything will be exactly as you left it. For small business owners who are used to working from home or sharing a space, the added security can be quite a relief.

Get Help When You Need It

During your chosen storage company's business hours, staff will be on hand to assist you with using the facility. If you have questions about the unit or you need the climate control settings adjusted, staff members may be able to help you out. Some storage companies also keep carts, dollies, and other equipment on hand to help with heavy items, so moving things between units won't require you to throw out your back.

Some storage companies also partner with moving companies, which makes it easier to get a discount on your office's move into the facility and its eventual relocation when you graduate to a building of your own.

Moving your business out of your home and into a dedicated space doesn't have to tie you up in a long-term lease or cost hundreds of dollars per month. For a comparatively low rate, you might be able to find a storage company near you that will allow you to work from one of its climate controlled units while your profits ramp up to handle the big move into a permanent office. Talk to a self-storage facility representative for more info on whether you could turn a storage unit into an office.