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Advice for Homeowners Choosing Soil Aeration Tools

When homeowners have soil that becomes compacted, that can limit the things that can grow like plants and grass. That makes soil aeration an important process to complete. You can aerate any type of soil with tools today. Just make sure you take these steps when choosing a soil aeration tool in particular. 

Decide Between Manual and Automatic Machines

There are going to be both automatic and manual soil aeration tools. The automatic variety won't involve much effort other than just guiding them along much like what you would do with a lawnmower. These tools are great if you have a lot of soil to aerate or want precision results.

Whereas if you have only a small area to aerate or are just okay expending energy and effort, then manual tools can still help you aerate soil properly. Manual tools also won't be as expensive. 

Make Sure Tool Reaches Far Enough Down

The purpose of using a soil aeration tool is to get deep down in the soil that is compacted. Aeration tools will have materials that reach different soil lengths. Look over this aspect properly so that you can go with an aeration tool that ends up giving you great aeration results.

So that you're not left guessing what depth a soil aeration tool needs to reach, assess the soil that you think is compacted. Get a measuring tape and a shovel to see how far deep you have to go to reach the compacted sections. Use this data to go after soil aeration tools that end up reaching far enough down.

Opt for a Simple Setup

There probably are many other things you need to do around your landscaping besides aerating the soil. You thus should look for a soil aeration tool with a simple setup. You can then start using it around your property and finish this aeration process without wasting any time or effort. A soil aeration device that has only a few components, such as aeration shoes, will save you from spending hours dealing with complicated systems. You can just equip shoes to your feet and start walking on compacted soil.

To give your soil enough air, light, and water, aeration is something you need to perform periodically throughout the year. Try to find tools that make this process easy and help you treat compacted soil thoroughly so that you can have a yard that flourishes shortly after. Contact companies like Soil Service Inc to learn more.