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Why Choose Shipping Tubes For Your Online Clothing Store?

Cardboard shipping tubes are close-ended cardboard tubes that come in a variety of sizes and lengths. These shipping tubes can be used for a variety of items, including shipping paper inserts and sensitive things that may otherwise be damaged in transit. Posters, photographs, magazines, and other items are often shipped in cardboard shipping tubes, but clothing can also be shipped in this type of packaging.

Why choose shipping tubes for your online clothing store? How can shipping tubes benefit your business? Use this guide to help you understand just how shipping tubes are a benefit to you.

You offer truly unique packaging

Most clothing companies choose to send purchases either via small shipping envelopes or box items in bulk. Choosing shipping tubes to send out your customers' purchases is a unique approach to shipping and helps your company stand out. Cardboard shipping tubes can be designed in any color you want, from classic cardboard brown to vibrant pink, to further enhance the unique appeal of your shipping packaging.

You offer a better clothing shipping solution

When you ship clothing in boxes or envelopes, individual articles of clothing can get creased or wrinkled. Shipping in tubes makes sense because clothing has to be rolled up in order to fit into the tubes rather than folded. Layered piece on top of piece, you can fit several articles of clothing into a single tube and reduce wrinkles and clothing stretch because items are rolled and not folded. Customers can simply unroll their new clothing and be able to wear them practically wrinkle-free.

You can ship more than just clothing this way

Is your store a clothing and accessories store? Do you sell home decor and other items? If so, you can use cardboard shipping tubes for more than just clothing; you can use these tubes to ship posters, jewelry, beauty items, and more. Longer, thinner tubes are great for stacking accessories and smaller items on top of one another, while wider tubes are ideal for layering clothing and other pieces together for finished packaging.

Shipping with cardboard tubes may even be cheaper than other alternatives, thus saving you money and allowing your customers to enjoy cheaper shipping. The cost to ship something isn't just reliant on weight; it's reliant on the type of box being shipped, its dimensions, and other things. In some cases, cardboard shipping tubes can be cheaper than other means of mailing things. Discuss your packaging and shipping options with your shipping specialist.