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Six Office Furniture Trends That Are Sure To Become Classics In 2016

While many office furnishing trends fade into the background after several years, others are destined to become classics. There's no question that the workplace is evolving, and several trends have recently emerged that seem destined to become classics in the near future. Following are six office furniture trends that are likely to join the ranks of traditional workplace staples in many office environments at some point during 2016.

Standalone Mobile Work Stations

Office design in recent years has been highly focused on collaborative work spaces. In many cases, individual cubicles and desks were replaced by long tables where employees worked side by side. However, companies are moving back to the concept of individual work areas, but this time, they're doing it with a twist with standalone mobile work stations. These offer all the advantages of traditional work spaces along with the benefits of modern collaborative environments. The stations have wheels and can be moved when the occasion calls for brainstorming sessions among those involved in specific projects, while still allowing employees to retreat to quieter spaces such as privacy pods and nooks when it's necessary to concentrate on the tasks at hand. They're equipped with casters that allow employees to secure them in place when they reach the desired location.

Sit/Stand Workstations

Adjustable desks that allow the option of sitting or standing have been around for several years now, but 2016 is shaping up to be the year the adjustable desk is seen as an office staple rather than simply the latest trend. Research has shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time is related to a variety of health issues, included diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues, and cancer. Adjustable workstations allow employees to fluctuate between standing and sitting, possibly avoiding the health risks associated with prolonged sitting sessions. It's even possible for standing/sitting workstations to be customized with treadmills to allow employees to get their workout in while working at their desk.

Homey Office Environments

Comfortable, homey environments is another fledgling trend that is expected to gain serious momentum in the year 2016. Couches and chairs featuring attractive patterns that seem more in place in upscale homes are becoming commonplace in many modern offices. Companies are also striving to introduce a family friendly element to their environment by including amenities designed for children in some of their common spaces, such as low, flat tables appropriate for coloring and other activities.

Work Bars

Work bars are high tables with stools that can be used as collaborative work spaces. The can either be single or double sided and usually come equipped with power outlets for plugging in mobile devices as well as cord management systems to keep everything tidy. These are also ideal for small meetings and interviewing employment candidates.

Flexible Furniture

Today's evolving work space needs furniture that is flexible enough to meet changing requirements. The ability to craft various desk configurations allows businesses to adapt to changes in workforce size and personal employee needs and preferences without having to purchase new furniture. Flexible furniture that can be adjusted without the use of tools is particularly popular among modern office managers and business owners. 

Food Preparation and Storage Fixtures

Offices of the past generally featured a coffee pot, a small refrigerator, and possibly a microwave for employees who chose to pack a lunch instead of patronizing area food and beverage establishments. More and more companies, however, are adding features such as full kitchens, food storage cupboards, and comfortable dining areas complete with high quality tables and chairs as well as attractive decor. Standard drip coffee makers have been replaced by many companies with espresso machines, and some large companies have even installed cafes to cater to the dietary needs of their employees.

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