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Tech Meets Clean: What The Future Of Maid Services Could Look Like

Many people think of cleaning as a basic, manual task. However, technology is constantly changing how individuals approach cleaning tasks and what services cleaning agencies are able to offer. Below you will find five ways technology may affect the cleaning industry in the near future. 

Quick Online Service Selection 

As the development of small business websites becomes easier and more affordable, it becomes more likely that your favorite cleaning service will not only have a static website, but also an application for your smartphone that will let you order various services. 

Applications may let you easily change what chores you would like completed for a regularly scheduled cleaning. For example, if you notice your windows are dingy in the morning, you may be able to add a thorough window washing to your standard package with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Online scheduling may also make emergency cleaning services more affordable and easier to access. An online system negates the need for a dispatcher, and maids may be able to accept bookings on their own smartphones while they are in the field, making the process easier and faster for you and the maids. 

Online Payment 

With more advancements in web technology, it is likely that you will be able to pay for all of your services online, either directly through your provider's website or through a third party. You may also be able to easily set up recurring payments and tip your maids online. While many services already offer online payment options, you may find the option to pay by cash or check will fade in the future. 

No-key Entry for Maids 

Digital locks are becoming a popular residential solution. Choices currently on the market include locks that require you to enter an entry code as well as locks that automatically unlock when a smartphone sends a code to the device. 

This can increase your home security, as your cleaning service will not need their own key, and you can limit their access to your home with a temporary code. It will also increase your ability to order cleaning service when you are not at home, as you will be able to send the maids a temporary key from any location. 

Cleaning Supplies Will Improve 

The technology behind commercial cleaning products is constantly evolving. Recently, a report that outlined the 21 most disruptive cleaning technologies to the current industry was released. These included self-cleaning surfaces, cleaning products that work at lower temperatures, and an increase in disposable wipes for surface cleaning. 

As the way that maids clean changes, the time required to clean your home and the length of time you can go between cleanings will also change. It is worth it to make sure your maid service is well-versed in the latest cleaning supplies available on the market. If you supply your own cleaning agents, you may want to take the time to find the latest cleaners that will help you get the best cleaning service for your money. 

Robot Cleaning Assistants 

Did you know that robot cleaning assistants are already available in the United States? Most people do not think of their automated vacuum cleaners as robots, but they are considered robots. However, robotic technology is expanding to include humanoid robots that can be taught to clean and de-clutter your home. This type of robot is hitting the Japanese market this year, and you may see them globally in the near future. 

Of course, a robot cannot replace a well-trained maid yet. However, you should stay aware of the ways that technology is affecting the cleaning industry to make sure you are getting the best service available. You can learn more about the current cleaning services available in your area  by clicking here